Writer Advice: Be Unique


As writers, we try to find a unique voice. That is, we want to have a personality and style all our own. That’s true in life, as well.

After all, can the world really handle another Kim Karashian or Justin Bieber? Still, there are plenty of people wanting to copy their looks, personalities, and lifestyles. It was sad to read about one young man who had plastic surgery to get Justin Bieber’s face and later ended up taking his own life.


Readers can recognize the style of their favorite writers. You wouldn’t have to read but a few pages to realize you have a Stephen King novel in front of you. That’s what I hope to develop as I continue on my writing journey.

Recently, I asked readers who subscribe to my newsletter to tell me who they thought I write like. I should have asked who they would compare my books to. The answers varied, of course. The only duplicate was Janet Evanovich. Since she is a best-selling writer, I was quite flattered.

My favorite answer was Agatha Christie. Anytime a writer is compare to the Great Lady of Mystery, it is an extreme compliment. One reader actually said that I write like myself. I suppose she meant that I have a unique voice. That’s what I’m going for.

As avid cozy mystery readers, you might also have an opinion as to whose books mine are similar to. One of the great things about cozy mysteries is that they vary greatly while still offering similar entertainment value. There are also several non-cozy mystery books I plan to write in the future. One is YA, another is a romantic cozy, and another is a traditional mystery. So many books: so little time!

In the meantime, I am working on Book 5 of the Cozy Suburbs Mystery Series. The working title is “Sharpe Point.” Poor Deena is stuck with her mother-in-law and a dead body. Can’t wait to find out what happens! I’ll keep writing like myself and see how it turns out. Besides, I will never be able to write like Stephen King any way.

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