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I’m so excited to share the news that Sharpe Point is coming soon. I appreciate everyone who has written to say, “Write faster” and “I love these books.” It really is a joy to sit down to craft a story when you know there are people out there anxious to read it.

Right now, my best guess is that it will be out at the end of December or the beginning of the new year. That my not seem “soon” to you, but it does to me when I think about having to finish the first draft, revise, proofread, send to beta readers, revise again, send to my editor, revise again, proofread again, polish, format, and upload to Amazon.

If you are not following me on Facebook, please do so. I post updates occasionally. You can find the link under the Contact tab. In the meantime, keep reading and support my fellow Indie authors.

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