Maycroft Mystery Series

Killer Shots Mysteries


Sharpe Shooter, Book 1

Deena Sharpe wanted a change. What she gets is murder.

Burned-out high school teacher Deena Sharpe is ready for a change. She has no idea a fifty-year-old murder case is about to turn her life upside down.

The Perry County Sheriff’s office has found a skeleton in the closet…literally. When they identify the man’s body fifty years after his disappearance, his family turns to Deena to uncover the truth about his murder.

The clock begins ticking when she discovers a mysterious writer is about to implicate the victim in his latest conspiracy theory book. She must channel her inner super-sleuth to solve the puzzle and protect her family name. With the help of her off-beat brother and others from the cozy town of Maycroft, Texas, Deena takes on a quest that leads to more questions than answers.

Sharpe Shooter is the first book in the Maycroft Mystery Series. With antique shopping, car chases, and ghosts in the night, the story will keep you guessing as you follow Deena on her quest for the truth. Available in audio.  Buy on Amazon 

Sharpe Edge, Book 2

Someone has their fingers in the family fortune?

If Deena Sharpe had known she would soon be investigating another death, she might have skipped Christmas altogether. Buoyed by a new job and a spirit for the holidays, she carries on, blind to what the next few weeks will hold.

A Christmas party for the upper crust of the small Texas town of Maycroft turns tragic when the hostess ends up dead. Everyone assumes her death is an accident—everyone except her daughter, Estelle. She turns to Deena to help solve the mystery. A jealous friend and a mysterious heir are just two of the likely suspects.

As a school teacher turned newspaper reporter, Deena must get crafty to dig out the truth before anyone else gets hurt, including her own brother.

Sharpe Edge is the second book in the Maycroft Mystery Series. A little romance, some snarky suburban competition, and a lot of mystery will keep you turning pages in this cozy whodunit.   Buy on Amazon

Sharpe Mind, Book 3

Who knew knitting could be so deadly!

Former teacher turned reporter Deena Sharpe craves more adventure than covering dull city council meetings in the small town of Maycroft, Texas. But when she follows a hunch to investigate a story lead, she finds a dead body and becomes suspect number one.

To make matters worse, a new psychic in town has residents on edge. Strange happenings multiply as quickly as the list of murder suspects, and Deena finds herself with more adventure than she had bargained for. No pedicure is too painful and no dumpster is too deep as Deena seeks to unveil the killer before anyone else gets hurt.

Sharpe Mind, Book 3 in the Maycroft Mystery series, offers readers a healthy dose of intrigue along with a generous sprinkle of humor. Available in audio.  Buy on Amazon

Sharpe Turn, Book 4

She wants to write a mystery. Instead, she’s embroiled in one.

A famous author has agreed to teach a writing class in the small Texas town of Maycroft. But on the second day of class, his wife is killed in a car crash and the police suspect foul play. Is it some kind of hoax to teach his students about plotting a murder? Not likely. Before long, the list of suspects piles higher than Big Tex at the State Fair.

Deena is once again sucked into the investigation when her brother’s friend is accused of the crime. With Russell by her side, she must clear their friend’s name and stay out of trouble with Maycroft’s newest police detective. Not only that, but it’s Gary’s sixtieth birthday, and Deena’s mother-in-law is coming to town. What’s a Southern gal to do?

Fans of Agatha Christie and clean, cozy mysteries are sure to love the wit and twists of Sharpe Turn. Available in audio. Buy on Amazon.

Sharpe Point, Book 5

Sometimes in-laws are worse than outlaws.

A haunted house at the church’s Halloween carnival is a likely place to trip over a body. Unfortunately, this one is dead. In her new role as investigator for a defense attorney, Deena Sharpe must prove their client is innocent. But when clues point to the pastor, his wife, and his secretary, Deena is stuck in the middle of an unholy murder case.

If you like a fast-paced, puzzling mystery, check out Sharpe Point today!

Buy on Amazon.

Sharpe Cookie, Book 6

The auctioneer raises his gavel. Going, going, dead!

When a family auction leads to murder, Deena Sharpe will have to be a smart cookie to catch the culprit.

Deena is happy to babysit the thrift shop while her friend is out on maternity leave. But when strange things start happening, her sister-in-law thinks they are messages from the grave that point to the killer. Can they separate truth from fiction before someone else gets hurt?

Sharpe Cookie is Book 6 in the Maycroft Mystery Series by bestselling author Lisa B. Thomas. If you like a savvy sleuth and a twisty plot, this clean whodunit may be your new favorite cozy mystery series. Buy on Amazon.


Sharpe Image: A Prequel Novella 

One picture. Two stories. Many suspects.

Deena Sharpe has her hands full with her high school journalism classes. But when a woman dies at a school football game, suddenly everyone is interested in her student’s photographs. Did he catch the crime on film or will this death be another unsolved mystery?

As Deena helps the police investigate this suspicious event, she uncovers some secrets of romance and lies. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there’s only one word she cares about: Guilty!

Sharpe Image is the prequel novella to the Maycroft Mystery Series. Read about Deena before she retired and before her life took a sharp turn.

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Killer Shots Mysteries

 Negative Exposure, Book 1

She needs a crystal ball. Instead she gets a cat.

After losing her fiancé, friends, and job, Wendy Fairmont moves back to her hometown in New Mexico to lick her wounds and start over. But when she discovers the man next door may have been murdered, she’s sucked into an investigation that isn’t making her too popular with the new neighbors.

Soon she encounters a former classmate who’s transformed from nearly invisible to totally irresistible, making it difficult to stay focused on setting up her new photography business. Not only that, but her old school nemesis is now married to the small town’s sheriff, and she’s determined to make Wendy’s life miserable. All this, as well as a stray cat channeling the spirit of her grandmother, makes Wendy’s fresh start more like a dead end.

Will she be able to return to her former life, or will old demons resurface to destroy her future?

Negative Exposure is the first book in the Killer Shots Mysteries. Part “Gilmore Girls,” part “Nancy Drew,” this series has plenty of wit, flirtation, and intrigue to please mystery and romance fans alike.

Freeze Frame, Book 2

Nothing ruins a party like a dead clown.

Photographer Wendy Fairmont is excited to book a gig at a child’s birthday party. But when Mr. Squishy is found frozen to death in her parents’ freezer, all signs point to the lodge’s housekeeper. It’s up to Wendy to sort through the suspects and clear her friend’s name.

Meanwhile, she has her own family drama to deal with. She and her estranged brother have old business to sort out. And what about Jake? Can she make room for a new romance or will she shut him out of her fractured heart?

FREEZE FRAME is Book 2 in the Killer Shots Mysteries. It’s another fun, flirty, and snarky puzzle by Lisa B. Thomas, author of the Maycroft Mystery Series.  BUY ON AMAZON

Picture Imperfect, Book 3

She wanted to kill the competition. Just not like this!

When Wendy Fairmont stumbles across the body of the only other professional photographer in town, it doesn’t make for a pretty picture. And when she sees the photos he’s been taking, the suspects wish they’d never stepped in front of the camera.

Not only that, but her boyfriend’s mother and ex-girlfriend are conspiring to get Wendy out of the picture. It seems everything in her life hinges on one thing–a pie!

Picture Imperfect is Book 3 in the Killer Shot Mysteries. With a little snark, a touch of romance, and a lot of intrigue, cozy mystery fans are sure to love this fun, clean read. Get it now!  BUY ON AMAZON