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Sneak Peek: Picture Imperfect, Ch. 1

I moved away from my hometown because I thought it was boring. Boy was I wrong. My friend Nancy had told me these town hall meetings could quickly erupt into WWE matches, but I thought she was exaggerating. Since moving … Continue reading

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Sharpe Shooter: A Skeleton in the Closet

Author’s Note: This is the true story behind the fictional book, Sharpe Shooter. The names have been changed for privacy. Spoiler Alert: Do not read until after you have read Sharpe Shooter. I am a concrete-linear thinker. That’s an academic … Continue reading

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Readers’ Cookie Recipes

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Killing Time: 10 Things I Do When I Should Be Writing

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I am a writer. I should be writing. I have two people to kill off in my next novel (spoiler alert). Although I think I’m a pretty good writer, I’m an even better procrastinator. Here are ten ways I waste … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Binge Reader

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I’ve always known I wasn’t good at multi-tasking. Yes, I can walk and chew gum, but if tasks require more concentration than that, I tend to fail. Miserably. My family knows not to try to engage me in a serious … Continue reading

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