Confessions of a Binge Reader

I’ve always known I wasn’t good at multi-tasking. Yes, I can walk and chew gum, but if tasks require more concentration than that, I tend to fail. Miserably.

My family knows not to try to engage me in a serious conversation if I’m driving. We’re more likely to end up in another town than at the mall. After I retired, it took me a long time to break the habit of driving to the high school where I used to teach every time I left the house.

This tunnel vision applies to my television watching as well. My husband and I devour entire seasons of a series in a matter of days. House of Cards, Homeland, Bloodlines — binge watched them all. I remember the first series I became obsessed with in the Netflix era of television. Lost. (I was a late and reluctant convert to the series, but then I couldn’t get enough of it.)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I sometimes do the same thing with books. I tend read one writer at a time. I’ll get on a kick and want to read everything a particular author has written and then move on to someone else. I call it binge reading.

Some of my favorites are Agatha Christie (of course), Mary Higgins Clark, Joan Didion, Nancy J. Cohen, and John Grisham. My latest obsession is Harlan Coben. I love his brash characters and easy writing style. Not a cozy mystery author by any means, but his compelling plots always hook me.

Here is a sampling of my favorites by these authors with links to buy if you are interested.

Murder on the Orient Express – Amazon Link

Remember Me – Amazon Link

The Woods – Amazon Link

Are you a binge reader? Leave a comment below about your reading habits.

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