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Ready to Snap

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE. An accident during a photo shoot at Cascada Falls leaves the wedding party one person short. Did photographer Wendy Fairmont catch the culprit in action? Secrets abound when she teams up … Continue reading

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Candy, Carpenters and Candlesticks

Secret admirer or savvy killer? When Paige discovers an old love letter in a used book in her shop, she’s hopes to find its owner to see how the story turned out. But when the letter’s writer turns up dead, … Continue reading

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Grits, Gamblers and Grudges

NOT ALL GAMBLES PAY OFF IN ACES! Now that Paige Murphy has the beachfront book shop she inherited from her aunt back on its feet, she sets her sights on finding a place of her own to live. And the … Continue reading

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Pasta, Pirates and Poison

She wants to get back to Italy. Does she have a ghost of a chance? Paige Murphy loves her new life in Italy, where she can sip wine, eat pasta, and while the days away working on her romance novel. … Continue reading

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