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Ready to Snap

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE. An accident during a photo shoot at Cascada Falls leaves the wedding party one person short. Did photographer Wendy Fairmont catch the culprit in action? Secrets abound when she teams up … Continue reading

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Picture Imperfect

She wanted to kill the competition. Just not like this. When Wendy Fairmont stumbles across the body of the only other professional photographer in town, it doesn’t make for a pretty picture. And when she sees the photos he’s been … Continue reading

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Freeze Frame

Not your ordinary cold case! Photographer Wendy Fairmont is excited to book a gig at a child’s birthday party. But when Mr. Squishy is found frozen to death in her parents’ freezer, all signs point to the lodge’s housekeeper. It’s … Continue reading

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Negative Exposure

She needs a crystal ball. Instead she gets a cat. After losing her fiancĂ©, friends, and job, Wendy Fairmont moves back to her hometown to lick her wounds and start over. But when she discovers the man next door may … Continue reading

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