Grits, Gamblers and Grudges


Now that Paige Murphy has the beachfront book shop she inherited from her aunt back on its feet, she sets her sights on finding a place of her own to live. And the sooner the better after the plumber finds a dead body buried in the book store’s basement.

Was sweet Aunt Nora a killer? And just who is this person under the pipes??

Paige must roll the dice and bet on herself to uncover the mystery behind this cold case. With the help of her pirate ghost roommate and her coven of quirky friends, she hopes to set the record straight on who buried the body in the basement.

Grits, Gamblers and Grudges is Book 3 in the Beachside Books Magical Cozy Mystery Series. If you like paranormal cozy mysteries (with a cat), you’ll love this light-hearted, fun read.

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